1 Set Invisible Hidden RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock Electronic Cabinet Lock

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  • Keys Included: Yes
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Surface Finishing: None
  • Model Number: E5BEYHUCAN138
  • Material: Plastic




1.Multiple Unlock Mode: Single Mode, Dual Mode

2.4 x AAA 1.5V batteries required(Not included)

3.The sound alarm will alert when the voltage is low

4.The batteries can last 8-12 months under normal use

5.Working Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Operation Instructions in Single Unlock Mode


After installing the battery, hold on the RESET button
(passing a small hard object through the hole in the front of the lock cylinder to press the reset button).
When you hear a “Di” sounds, release the hand.
The lock beeps: “Di, Di, Di, Di, Di” (five short beeps).
At this point, the lock is initialized (clear lock record) state, in Single Mode.

2.Set Management Card:

After initializing, the first card (RFID Card / Tag) is swiped in the sensing area of the lock body.
After a sound (“Di-Di”) is made, the card becomes a Management Card.
Management card can be used to unlock the cabinet door, add or delete the user card.

3.Set User Card:

Swipe the management card
(After reading successfully, the lock beeps “Di”, in an unlocked state, new user card can be configured),
put new card on the sensing area untill you hear a short beep which means the setting is successful.
The user card can be setted continuously (up to 15 pcs).

4.Delete User Cards:

Put the management card on the lock body sensing area and do not take away.
If the card is read successful, the lock pin will retract in the lock cylinder, at the same time the lock beeps a long sound.
Then the lock beeps (Di, Di, Di, Di) quickly, followed by 3 long beeps (Di-, Di-, Di-),
indicating that all user cards and management card have been deleted.

5.Operation instructions in Dual Unlock Mode is available in User Manual.


1 x Lock Body,
1 x Latch,
1 Set of Screws,
2 x RFID Card


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